Nationwide Investigations

SIU Consultant Group

SIU Consultant Group is a Nationwide full service investigation firm, providing superior investigation services to employers, insurance carriers, public entities, third party administrators and legal counsel. With over 25 years of experience, SIU Consultant Group's proven processes exceed the industry standards by providing superior service, cost savings and results.

Cost Containment Investigations

Annually, insurance fraud cost insurers an estimated $40 billion.  Today's insurers, claims professionals, public entities, and legal counsel depend on experienced investigation management to mitigate claim costs.  SIU Consultant Group's experienced team of professional investigators are dedicated to providing a cost effective investigation case management process in efforts to maximize results and save client's money.

Case Management & Technology

Feel at ease that  your claims are being handled by experienced case managers and the latest in investigation technology.  SIU Consultant Group's, Secured Case Management System offers clients 24/7 access to investigation information including video, audio, updates, backgrounds, final reports and other documentation.  Same day case updates and claim information are pushed to our clients, keeping them notified on the status and results of their case.  Access our Secured Case Management System from the office, your cell phone or from any working location.  Our Secured Case Management System connects your claim team; employer, adjuster, attorney and the ability to electronically deliver video to your medical provider.  Let

SIU Consultant Group, connect your claims team.   

Medical Records Investigation  

Medical Records Investigation are research efforts to locate and verify claimant medical history. Results may reveal undisclosed medical treatment, pre-existing injuries, illness, disabilities and or prior claims.  SIU Consultant Group's unique and thorough method of Medical Records Investigation result in a higher return of records located.  These results are a credit to our research experience, pre-investigation background, and a comprehensive geographical canvass.  During our investigation process, if requested and with an authorized medical release, we may simultaneously obtain medical records.  SIU Consultant Group is your fast and thorough provider of medical treatment information.